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Hello i have installed new clutch plates and need to adjust it correctly from the push rod anyone can help me ? First time withut adjustmen bike was not going natural i did some adjustment but dont know whats the correct

In manual it says to tight adjust screw to just seated ( what does this means seated ? It means hand tight ? A bit pressure and thats it ? ) and after that i havr to lock the nut

Buut in brocks website. There is one more step after adjust screw is just seated i have to turn 3/4 losen the screw and then lock

So which is correct form ?

Also does bike mist be in cold condition to do this ? Also does the lever adjuster. Must be fully tight inside ( clutch will have a lot of freeplay ) before adjustin pushrod ? Or lever adjuster must be. Fully losen and clatch cable will be very strached before i start adjust pushrod ?

So please if anyone know. And have done this before just tell me the correct procedure to adjust the clutch from push rod
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