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If you find your dash starts to play up. Lights start flashing like a christmas tree, loss of quick shifter, no abs or tc. It could just be a loose battery terminal or bad battery. But it could also be a shorted stator or faulty regulator. Essentially the bike either stops charging the battery so you lose power very quickly or can over charge the battery. The dash will do all sorts of weird things. If you can start the bike you can check charge rate at the battery. Should be at least 14V or more. If it's less, it normally means stator. If it's more, it normally means regulator. The regulator can be tested with a multimeter to see if it is faulty and the stator can be tested to see if it is shorted to ground.

How to test a reg:
How to Test a Regulator Rectifier | eBay

How to test a stator: Testing Example.htm

A common problem is the stator gets shorted to ground. You can sometimes feel the wiring and it's black and burnt or feels hard. If you just do a basic continuity test between all 3 phases and your engine block you should have no continuity, if you do. It's shorted and burnt out.
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