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BST or Rotobox – Which one is for me?

In early 2016, we added the exciting lineup of Rotobox carbon fiber wheels to our product offerings, and since that time, the most commonly asked question has been, “Which carbon fiber wheel is best, BST or Rotobox?”

The answer, they both are.

Today’s world is becoming more carbon fiber friendly, and an increasing number of riders are experiencing firsthand the numerous benefits of a lighter, better-handling, and ultimately safer motorcycle. If we have learned one thing from the composites market, it’s that the technology is advancing as fast as our bikes, and both the BST and Rotobox lines exploit all of today’s advancements in modern day, composite technology. A lighter, stronger wheel will behave far friendlier than a steel, magnesium or aluminum wheel. From a safety position, both wheels come with DOT approval and are ready for even the harshest of environments. By the way, did you know that Ducati, Confederate, and Norton, to name a few, are now using carbon fiber wheels on factory bikes directly purchased off of the showroom floor?



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