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Camshaft sensor

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Replacing engine on my s1000RR,2011 to 2014.First thing what was not the same is engine bolts,next thing was thermostat sensor-old engine had big connector and new one had smaller and currently i am stuck with camshaft sensor which is also different.Old engine has sensor with cable attached and different diametre than 2014 engine-did someone had the same experience ,if so what would be best solution..

Thank you.
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The typical move is to use the old sensors from the 11 on the 14 .. as long as those sensors will mount the same. Then before you mount them, size them up next to each other that they look the same in pickup depth on the cam sensor. I have seen those coolant sensors and seem to remember they are the same except the connection point.

Worse case if the sensors look like mounting and function are different, you will have to splice in the other side of the connector on the wiring harness from the 12-14 so the engine sensor can be used.

I recall a guy in NY that successfully changed this 10/11 with a 12-14 and I provided an ECU and cluster marry and it all worked.
Take the 10 temp sensor and screw it in the 14 housing. Buy bolts to thread into the case bosses, instead of through bolts. Buy a repair plug that fits the new version cam sensor and figure out the wiring. Let us know how you wired the new connector as it looks like the old one is now not available. Alpha racing makes an adapter to run late sensor in the early head. Tried to make link to Alpha part.
Thank you for advice, could you please send a link from adapter, can’t find it in Alpha racing.
I'm being link challenged. Alpha Germany. Go to BMW - performance parts - engine tuning - camshafts. Part 1112A016A00. This is not what you need, this adapts what you have to older heads. Can anyone confirm that BMW quit making the cam sensor with the two pin pigtail?
Question sir. And off topic, so I apologize.

Currently my bike is in the shop for the Camshaft recall - 2022 S1000rr

Before bringing it in for the recall, I had my coolant explode and spray all over.

Just got an update today service changed the coolant sensor.
(Still waiting on Camshaft for recall to be completed)..

By chance are these two correlated? Or is that possibly why my coolant exploded?

Thanks for your time!
responded to a thread from 2018.

I have no idea on how you mean that the coolant exploded on you.

If you remove any radiator cap while the system is hot, or even cooling off but still under pressure, it is going to explode coolant all over you .. that is the voice of experience way too many times in my very teen age years of starting out in mechanics.

If want to describe what you mean, I can expand on that thought.
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Absolutely, I'd love to elaborate.

As I was driving. I Received error message for coolant temperature too high. Continue at moderate pace to cool...

Continued home and coolant sprayed everywhere as I pulled into the driveway. (Did not open radiator cap myself).

My question would be, could the Camshaft recall have anything to do with my coolant exploding and needing a new coolant sensor ?

Or are they two completely separate issues?

And if my question does not make sense, just let me know.

Just trying to see how my bike failed on me basically.

Sorry for beating a dead horse!
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if coolant came from the right side of the bike it was either from the over flow tank being too full, or the radiator cap itself failed, or, the radiator cap failed and allowed enough coolant into the over flow tank and it came from there.

Camshaft recall has nothing to do with the cooling system.

The coolant sensor swap is interesting, in that it can cause the radiator fan to not come on at all and this would lead to some heating if you were riding less than 40 miles an hours, and especially if you were in stop go traffic and doing even less speed.
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Thank you for the responses!
I appreciate it.

I unfortunately did not get much information from the advisor as they were just as confused as myself regarding the recall and couldn't answer my question.

The only reason I thought it could possibly be related was due to the way the campaign was written..
"During the production of the intake camshaft, a changed machining coolant occasionally caused localised over heating."

I am not mechanically inclined on the bikes unfortunately. Just wanted a better understanding. And I appreciate you even responding to my nonsense.

Thank you once again. I'll try not to revive posts from a few years back if I see anything else 😅

Have a great weekend!!
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quite a few years ago there were a number of reports of this type of coolant 'explosion' that came out of the overflow pipe from the expansion tank. I am pretty sure that most of these were caused by having air in the cooling system.
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