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MaxMoto, Inc. is proud to announce BURSIG Center Lift Stands to their line of products distributed in North America.

Please check out our website: BURSIG USA Motorcycle Stands

We offer a member discount that can be applied by using the coupon code BMW10

BURSIG Stands have been made in Germany for 6 years now and have undergone many refinements along the way.

Powder coated and galvanized, this high quality lift system is now available for an ever growing number of popular Japanese and European bikes.
A secure central lift system for storage or maintenance of the vehicle with no particular strength is required to lift any bike completely off the floor.

A must have for the race track or garage. If need be the motorcycle can be completely stripped down to the engine while securely on the stand.
Ideal for long term storage, as the suspension will not sag and tires will not flat spot.

Optional coasters will allow mobility in garage or workshop. No stand is faster or easier to use and transport!
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