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I just receive an answer from Jens Lyck from Booster plug so you can make your own opinion .. I am not trying to push anybody to purchasing :)

Hi Juraj,

It’s correct that we (I) worked in 2012 on the S1000R BoosterPlug and based on some impressions we decided not to launch a S1000RR BoosterPlug - and we left the idea for 1-2 years.

But at a point we received so many requests for the S1000RR BoosterPlug that we decided to test it again on a few more bikes, and the feedback was much more positive, so we decided to launch it anyway.

The (very) oversquare S1000 engine is not as hard affected by the lean factory air/fuel mixture as the singles or two cylinder models, but we had quite a few customers complaining about the weak idle, rough low speed running, and almost digital (on/off like) throttle action when you pick up the throttle after braking into a corner. These are the usual signs of too lean mixture, and fully in line with what we see on other modern fuel injected bikes, and the small controlled fuel enrichment from the BoosterPlug is a very good cure for this.

It’s important to understand that the BoosterPlug is about drivability and will give absolutely no extra top end power. The S1000RR is a performance bike and quite a few owners of bikes like this are mostly focused on top end power - these guys WILL be disappointed with the BoosterPlug if they expect a +40 hp turbo.

As for the low end drivability, we know that not two bikes are affected to the same agree - they are all a little different because of the production tolerance on the different sensors, and this means that two bikes will never be affected by the lean mixture to the same degree.

The owners are certainly not the same either :) Some riders are very good at adapting to the bike’s behaviour and can not feel the difference with the BoosterPlug - Most people are very sensitive about how the bike behaves and they will be happy with our device.

So it’s no wonder that you can read different opinions on our device, but if your bike are suffering from the usual lean running issues described above and you feel the bike could be better - then you will be happy with the BoosterPlug too :)

Sorry if this got a bit technical, but there was no other way to offer a proper explanation.

Best Regards

Jens Lyck
Lillemark 17
4990 Sakskøbing

Mail: [email protected]
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Guys this product isn't a scam. The booster plug has been around for a long time and does actually work very well on the older BMW oil and hex head twins. However, as Gooch mentioned, it will give little or no gains on the RR.

Were I can see this being used on a RR is when using MR12 or some other highly oxygenated race fuel. It just might just be the ticket for those "special" race days. >:) Just plug and play...HARD! Then drain the tank and remove the booster plug and do your daily routine. :wink2:
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