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BMW S1000RR 2023 - STOP

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Good morning friends.

I am writing to you from Spain, last week I had the satisfaction of buying a new BMW S1000RR 2023.

The surprise came today when they called me from the dealer indicating that they cannot deliver it to me since it has a STOP campaign.

Supposedly the campaign has to do with the brake lever.

Could you help me?
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Thanks for sharing. What does CDC mean?
I have heard the Customs Clearance depot called a few different things. It amounts to the locations that the bikes are held for customs clearance and that year there was a another recall and stop sale the fix was applied to the bikes at the customs clearance depot. So maybe that is the location the parts are being sent to and some techs are there to repair the bikes already in the USA but not at the dealers yet,
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I was told by a California dealer they have not been given a date yet. There is no way to predict BMWAG Motorrad if the dealer does not even have a communication channel that is open.
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Wow, April 18th people that have the bikes effected will get the letter. I wonder if a fix for bike at Customs Clearing will get serviced alot sooner.

I bailed on my 2023 Red Passion bike yesterday. It is even hung up at the Custom Clearing process and it does not even have billet parts.

So a dealer I had talked to about the M package called me and indicated he just had a customer bail out on a Black Storm 2023 with all dynamic and race package, plus even the endurance chain and Akra muffler. SOLD, I went and got it yesterday.

Any one that gets a Passion Red 2023 and wants to trade out even for even on the black Storm plastics, I will work with you on that. I have 4 miles so far. I might even remove this Black and put my new in the box 2020 Racing Red plastic I have.

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I do like the new rear tail

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In case anyone wants first hand use experience on a really good lever.

I dont like the M version levers. The clutch lever while only used to start and stop movement, I always found it sharp to the feel. The clutch lever I use is still a Gilles but this version. The FXL is on my M1000 and all my S1000 K67. Very reasonable in price compared to M lever version, and the adjustment is alot more click for that just right position.

Handkupplungshebel FXL schwarz

ASV was my choice of lever a long time. ASV makes a Brembo brake lever replacement, but, over time, that ASV will vibrate so bad, it makes the Brembo master have issues and feel loose. So, I have learned to just like the Brembo Short folding version of its product line levers.
Either the BMW dealer communication system sucks donkey balls or my dealer is not so knowledgeable, but he tells me that 7 of his bikes (including mine) are affected by the stop sale and his computer still shows NO REMEDY.
The usual huge lack of 2 things.

BMWAG Motorrad does not communicate to the dealers
They ( dealers ) take the STOP SALE as just another day issue and when a piece of paper falls in their lap and maybe a actual part to fix an issue, they become educated.

Todays dealers have as much to accept the blame on active issues and solutions as BMWAG does to put it out there.
My dealer still has my RR and won’t even answer my emails or return my calls. I’m assuming mine has the same issue with the brake lever but I can’t even confirm it if my dealer won’t answer me. Very frustrating.
Dont you know if you are buying a S1000RR with the billet options? That would be the first thought.. However, even my Passion Red was hung up at Custom Clearance and that dealer still have never called to confirm it is released and it did not have Billet Options. I ended up with a Black Storm that had all options but the Billet option, and forged wheels.
I don’t have the billet package…that package was not listed on my dealer’s website for my exact bike. I also heard about clutch case bolts holding up delivery too? Not sure if that’s an issue. I literally can’t get anyone to respond to me. I feel like they’re trying to stall. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t tell me there’s an issue…it’s not like I can back out now.
I am not going to say for sure about the clutch bolts issue, but, if that was a current stop sale issue, I would think @bennymx or myself would have heard of this issue enough to respond that it is a real issue.

I cannot even imagine what clutch case bolts that would refer to. Unless it is clutch case COVER bolts. Like if they are somehow torque wrong and an oil leak could develop from that.
No billet levers on that one. It can sell sell sell.. congrats.
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It doesnt, but they so graciously offered to sell them to me in parts for $980. Seems odd to me, I can get them in parts but not on the bike.
BMW Motorrad only has to recall the levers on bikes. Not the ones in the boxes. It is also possible the ones in the box are of a different spec since they are not slated during production as the parts going on the assembly line.
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