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BMW S1000RR 2023 - STOP

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Good morning friends.

I am writing to you from Spain, last week I had the satisfaction of buying a new BMW S1000RR 2023.

The surprise came today when they called me from the dealer indicating that they cannot deliver it to me since it has a STOP campaign.

Supposedly the campaign has to do with the brake lever.

Could you help me?
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Seems like I am on the same boat. Mine is showing in 155 status since 8th Feb. Wait and watch Situation. By the way where (which site) do you all check VIN to get detailed information ?
See post #6
Thank You!
Anyone has any new updates on this ? Or is it still in same waiting situation ?
finally into 182 status. Anybody has idea how long it took to get delivered to USA after this status ?
Mine was in 155 since 10th Feb. But changed to 182 just today.
Is there any website that tell us recalls by VIN #?
Thank you! It says this for my VIN. Not sure what does it mean.
An error occurred with your request. BMW of North America, LLC does not recognize your VIN. Please contact BMW of North America, LLC by phone at 1-800-525-7417 for recall information about your vehicle.
1 - 10 of 198 Posts