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BMW S1000RR 2023 - STOP

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Good morning friends.

I am writing to you from Spain, last week I had the satisfaction of buying a new BMW S1000RR 2023.

The surprise came today when they called me from the dealer indicating that they cannot deliver it to me since it has a STOP campaign.

Supposedly the campaign has to do with the brake lever.

Could you help me?
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Seems like the simplest solution for the relatively few bikes that are affected is to install regular levers on them and to refund the customers a pro-rated share of the billet package.
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Not knowing much about the subject, the parts have to be designed, made (maybe prototypes), tested, if testing is good, then manufactured, maybe tested again, prioritize who gets what/when (I would think units on sales floor and in shipping containers would have priority), and shipped. My guess would be at least a few more weeks. Benny mentioned the cause of the recall. Not sure to me (or maybe even Benny) how far along BMW was in terms of getting replacement parts done.
Maybe it's just a pin that needs to be redesigned and fitted at the fold. Hope so!
Well, my dealer has already notified me that they have sent the replacement part and I am waiting to receive it from Germany so that the workshop can install it.

I think that at the end of next week I will have the motorcycle available and with the Stop removed
Good news. They normally ship it overnight to the US dealers from Germany.
My dealer just informed me that it's still showing "No Remedy." So, on this side of the pond, there's no replacement yet.
My sales manager said the same. :(
Bummer. My accessories have begun to arrive. Feels like I'm getting all dressed up with nowhere to go!
My dealer said so far there's no change in status and BMW has no part # for the remedy. He will keep me posted.
This was shared with me by my dealer this morning:
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Thanks for sharing. What does CDC mean?
Either the BMW dealer communication system sucks donkey balls or my dealer is not so knowledgeable, but he tells me that 7 of his bikes (including mine) are affected by the stop sale and his computer still shows NO REMEDY.
My guy said parts will be available in CDC Germany by mid March and should be in the US by end of March. I'm hoping to get delivery by early April.
Good to know Germany has the parts and they are shipping out.
They have already solved it for me. I had to apply a lot of pressure and they sent the part from Germany by DHL to my dealer. In 72 hours I had the free stop and they delivered the motorcycle to me
Do you have a part # we can use to bug our parts guys?
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Got mine delivered today! Switched from a billet package, that I had ordered, to a no-billet package (that he had ready for delivery). Everything else is what I wanted. Just put 100 miles on the bike and so far, I'm still smiling!
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Congrats man! Bike looks awesome! On another note, what kind of a helmet is that on the picture? I’ve been hunting for one that would match the bike
Congrats man! Bike looks awesome! On another note, what kind of a helmet is that on the picture? I’ve been hunting for one that would match the bike
Here's a link. Not sure if they're still making this particular color combination: HJC Rpha 11 Pro Quintain Matte Blue

And to shamelessly plug my helmet for sale...this might also look good: Scorpion Exo R1 Air Victory Medium Motorcycle Helmet
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