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One of the short falls i've discovered with being a first-time owner of a BMW motorcycle (and it's probably the case for every other BMW vehicle), is the availability and access to the bikes wiring diagrams. I think rocking horse exhaust is easier to find, compared to these bloody unicorns of wiring diagrams.

A considerable amount of time has been spent compiling these diagrams together. So, I have decided to share them, hoping that others may benefit from my work.

Keep in mind that we are living in this wonderful technological "paperless" age, so don't expect these wiring diagrams to be in any easy to print format. They are what they are, take it or leave it.

Unfortunately the DME/ECU side of the wiring diagrams still need to be completed (time and enthusiasm permitting). I will update the file when any additions or changes get made.

Download Link
BMW S1000RR 2018 K46/ECE - Wiring Diagram

DISCLAIMER: These wiring diagrams are specifically for the BMW S1000RR 2018 (K46/ECE) model only. I take no responsibility for accuracy of information contained in the file from the link above. Use these wiring diagrams at your own risk.
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