This is my spare re-manufactured basket, it has a heat fit bronze bushing on the outer basket and the rivets are superseded with 8mm thread and bolts, so this can be serviced in the future again.

I had one like this on my Gen 1, and it was quiet as long as i still had it, 6000km approx.

Spare in mind that this basket will have loose springs, like the new oem does. But the springs are not the noise makers, it`s the loose rivets and the two piece basket that moves because of the said rivets, and the inner to outer basket hole clearance. Also if you have an high mileage cam chain, the timing will be a bit off and the idle will be lumpy, and it makes the basket loose very soon.

Shipped with 25 mm long bolts, you have to cut them and loctite them with 30 nm of torque. Make sure the head of the bolts don`t touch anything while you install.

Private sale, no warranty!

Will ship anywhere besides African continent. Buyer pays postage and fees.
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