BMWs first modern sport bike. Fast for it’s time and will put a Skat Pack to shame any day of the week.

Legendary boxer motor. The introduction of the R1100S was legitimately a big deal for BMW and it received a lot of attention for it at the time. This was also the bike that set the stage for the S1000RR.

The 1100S can run through the quarter in 11.82 seconds.

0-30 MPH: 1.5 sec.
0-60 MPH: 3.5 sec.
0-100 MPH: 8.4 sec.
1/4 MILE|11.82 sec. @ 114.97 mph
Top Speed: 142 mph

48 MPG

Ceramic Coated Paint - 3 year protection Powder coated black wheels. New final drive bearing and seals, pivot bearings, Hall effect sensors and wiring. Alternator belt replaced.

Staintune underseat exhaust. Sounds amazing.

Billet shortened sport swing arm bracket. 180 width rear tire. New Michelin tires. Plus new brakes and rotors.

Open to trades.