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I have a 2017 S1000RR with Ohlins cartridges front and TTX rear, running reasonably good times at the local track. To get more control while at lean and lessen pressure on the outside of the palms, I purchased Evol Technologies clip ons and plan on installing them soon.

Since I will already be working in the area, are the aftermarket billet top triples really worth investing in?
My guess would be that an average rider would never feel the difference but I thought I would ask. For most riders, it seems that spending the time on more track time and tires would be a better use of funds.

And just for entertainment, here is a video of running laps through the intermediate group at a recent track day. Normally I run in advanced, but on this day Jeremy Cook was riding my bike in advanced so I rode a few sessions in the intermediate group for fun. (I suggest starting it at 6+ minutes in. For the discerning viewer you can see that there are many opportunities for me to go faster on this track. Yesterday I was running 10 second faster lap times than what is shown in this video, so these are not close to 'race pace' on this track)


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I tested the M1000RR billet upper on the S1000RR. There is a very nice difference in the vibration reducing at the clip on bars.

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