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I'v used hjc for the last few years.

Hq1 loved it

Rpha 10 liked but fogging can be a issue.

Rpha 11 small differences to design and feels better to use

I tryed a 200 quid hjc and found it fine. One day used the hq1 again buffeting was tiny in comparison and huge view angle Soo never wore it again.

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Had a Shoei XR1100 as my first helmet. Then a Arai Corsair V is my current. My new one is on order. Its a X-Lite Ultra Carbon X-803.

Always been an Arai man..... I have a bit of a helmet fetish, but wouldn't buy another after using an X-Lite 803 Carbon Ultra for the past couple of years.

Better in everyway.

Less neck ache when in the crouch position on trackways i.e opening higher.
Lighter so less trying on road rides.
Quieter but ventilation as good.
Lining... Soooooooo much better. Less sweating, more comfortable.
Visor system perfect.

My current Arai's just feel so old fashioned when I use them.
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