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You heard right. Nearly 50% off a Bazzaz Z-Fi QS units.

This is ONLY for the Z-Fi QS (ZFi + Quick Shifter Model)

We have an overstock on these units.
And we'd like to move them out before the end of the year.

We have them, in STANDARD SHIFT and GP SHIFT.

ANd As always, first come first serve. Some models we only have 1 or 2 units left.

So, if your interested , please don't wait. You won't find a deal like this ever again. PROMISE.

Post up If your interested.

The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi QS (Quick Shift) integrates the all the same features of the Z-Fi controller with an updated version of the popular Bazzaz Performance QS-4 Quick Shift all in one unit.
Customer feedback on the Bazzaz Performance QS-4 led Bazzaz Performance to develop a new shift sensor for improved reliability, which now also includes an application specific adapter rod for ease of installation.
The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi QS unit employs race proven technology for seamless clutch-less up shifting. It has user adjustable gear dependant kill times allowing for optimal shifting in all gears. The kit comes complete with control unit, harnessing, shift switch, and adapter rod.
All the same features of the Bazzaz Z-Fi
Allows for full power clutchless up-shifting for faster lap times
Rugged shift sensor with application specific adapter rods for easy installation
Gear dependant kill times for optimal shifting in all gears.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts