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2016 S1000RR
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle

Tire Wheel Sky Automotive tire Vehicle

2016 S1000RR
My favorite aspect of my bike is the exhaust because it isn’t super common around where I live. So even though it is black and blends in, it makes me feel like my bike stands out.
Current Mods: (Kind of Long😅)
  • OEM Rear Seat Cowl
  • Integrated Tail light+Turn Signals
  • Fender Eliminator
  • MRA Double Bubble Windscreen
  • GB Racing Engine Cover Set
  • TechSpec Tank Pads
  • LED Headlights and Parking Lights
  • Gilles Rear Axle Nut Titanium
  • ASV Shorty Levers
  • Passenger Footpeg Blanking
  • Evotech Weighted Bar Ends
  • Evotech F/R Axle Sliders
  • Evotech Radiator/Oil Guards
  • Evotech Frame Siders
  • Evotech Spools
  • Driven Racing Oil Fill Cap
  • Driven Racing Sprocket Nuts
  • Brentuning IAT Relocation Kit
  • BrenTuning ECU Flash
  • Sprint Air Filter
  • TWM Gas Cap
  • TWM Chain Adjusters
  • Gilles Rearsets
  • Vortex Sprockets 17/45+520 Chain Black
  • Austin Racing GP1R Black Ceramic Exhaust Slip-on
  • MM Racing Ultralite Rear Rotor
  • ProGrips
  • Antigravity Battery
  • Black Monoblock Calipers
  • Alpha Racing Brake Lines
  • Luimoto Gel Insert and Seat Cover
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