Akrapovic Stainless Steel EVO Version headers - NOT sold today but was $2200 with shipping, when you could get it. Titanium is the only offering between Race and EVO now. I have no idea why as they are exactly the same. EVO was SS headers and SS muffler, but I got the titanium muffler with my setup. The muffler holding bracket has a crack in it. I have checked on getting it TIG welded and was quoted $200. Just never got around to it. It still holds fine, just has a crack around the one side of the bracket attachment and will lead to failure in the future if not welded back on.

Take that above into account of shipping and tax, you are looking at $2500 there about and waiting and waiting.

Package priced free shipping included to 48 states ONLY - $1700

Will leave the headers assembled in the box. I will not take them apart as it would create too much work putting them back together for someone. That makes shipping about $100 on my side. Local pickup Dallas Texas area can minus $100 so pickup price is $1600. No carbon cover included in the picture, as I used it on another project.

Flash available for the ECU ( $850 with the headers ) as well to push your performance to ( 202HP my DynoJet ) ( 208HP KWS DynoJet ) there about at the rear tire. Proven dyno results here

K67 Akrapovic optional header / long can akra muffler /...

This is what it look like when on the bike in 2020.

I will get more pics if enough interest. I need to remove this setup still from the K67 it is on.

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The titanium muffler today. I was hit from the side at a track day so I buffed it out. I have the Akra sticker to put back on, but I was going to buff the body a little more.

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