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AIM/other dash

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anyone running an aftermarket dash on a 2015 RR? If so, can you provide some info on setup and expense? I'd still like to have traction control, temp, etc.

thanks all!
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I have a Chrome Display from I2M I would sell. However, it needs to be firmware updated for the 15-19 K46. It will work on there now, but, the firmware in it is for the 10-14. $600 shipped to USA address. The screens can be configured alot. I talked with I2M about the update in 2018 and it was $400 to update. Its a $2000 unit. All I have is the interface harness on the display and the display as you can see... more on website and it was sold by Alpha.

As to the AIM. Be careful what you look at and make sure you get a correct cable for the updated version on the K46. There was alot of issues back in the time of the K46 install of the AIM products and wiring had to be updated..

Chrome Lite - I2M

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That looks great. I‘m not familiar with firmware updating, but I assume it’s not a hard thing to do, is it?
No issues with a K46 running without the stock dash installed? I thought it might have some anti-theft / other dependencies that would make it unhappy if the stock dash was removed.

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