Have a few miscellaneous parts that I changed my mind on and am not going to use. All parts are brand new. OEM mirrors and bar ends are brand new take offs.

Woodcraft Axle Sliders - $30
OEM 2023 S1000R Bar - $30 for the pair
CRG Universal bar end adapters - $25 for the pair
Gilles California Superbike School footpegs w/extra mounts - (SOLD)
OEM 2023 S1000R mirrors - (SOLD)
Titanium spools - $75
Probolt Titanium Brake Caliper bolts $50 (there's 2 sets of these)
Probolt Titanium M6 x25mm bolt - $4
Probolt Titanium M6 x35mm - $5
Probolt Titanium M6 x10mm - $4