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'23 front turn signals resistors

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Just took delivery of my '23 S1000RR, and replaced the rear view mirrors.
I am now looking for resistor plugs to get rid of the turn signal error.

Cali Moto TV shows that he used the plugs that came with the BMW Race Cover Kit (BMW M Race Cover Kit S1000RR 2020-2023 - RevZilla)

But I cannot find anything like that online.
Any link?
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Let's rephrase the question:
I replaced the OEM mirrors with the Rizoma's. I don't have the turn signals anymore.
Now, I have a warning light on the dashboard in Road mode.
How to avoid that? What resistor to plug?
No one is selling a nice little dongle with the correct resistor?
Thanks for all the replies. I figured out how to deactivate the warning message on the dash by going through the menu, even in road mode (not only race pro). No need for the resistors after all.
Can you tell me how you achieved this?? I have the same issue as of this week with the new rizomas
Page 67 of the user manual:
"Go to the Settings, Vehicle settings menu, then select the Lights menu item.
Turn Light warnings off."
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