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Here is the link for the 2022 BMW S1000XR Service Manual DownLoad;
"This is a complete Service Repair Manual in English for 2022 bmw s1000xr download service manual PDF
This service manual for S model and not for M there is deference between the pistons, clutch, faring, footrest, etc..
This is the same manual that dealers and professional mechanics use to repair your BIKE
The manual has 2336 pages 410 MB and covers all mechanical aspects of the model and years specified.
No internal program to run, just open in Adobe Reader and go."

Yes, this is real. I downloaded the pdf file and it has already been of assistance. Cost is $50.


Doc (y)
Thanks for posting this. I ordered the manual for my S1000RR. I think it's worth the $40, but just an FYI for those looking to purchase- while it's a complete service manual, the pdf is not indexed with a table of contents or links. And it's a huge pdf. So you'll likely have to use the search function in your pdf reader to find what you're looking for, and create your own bookmarks for the sections you want to quickly reference again in the future.

Edit: Reading Doc's post below, it shouldn't matter what pdf reader you use, most if not all pdf readers support bookmarks and a TOC, if it's included in the file. It wasn't in the S1KRR service manual I received, but I figured maybe that's why it was $10 cheaper than the XR manual. Even still, I replied to the e-mail I received from the seller with a screen shot showing that the contents and bookmarks window of my pdf only had each individual page and not organized folders for each service category, and asked if that was correct. I received a new download link the next day, and the service manual I just downloaded has a TOC with the sections organized by service category. So there is somebody monitoring the e-mail and the customer service is good!(y)
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