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I tried the "BMW Sport Rider High Seat" for the 2020 S1k and like the improvement. I changed the seat on previous Gen S1ks which helped with my long legs and 6'2'' height.

The seat is both higher and less slanted in the front. Pushes me less into the tank which I like for street riding. My legs are more relaxed now and the higher riding position is helping bike handling. You sit a touch higher and there is a little less protection from the windshield - didn't bother me. Have hopes this will help on the track with leg fatigue.

It weighs exactly 900 grams, 60 grams more than stock. It cost me $535 which is pricey. You could also get 600 gram of pure silver on the spot market for the same. Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way :)

Here are some pics to give you an idea.


501 - 502 of 502 Posts