Parting out 2017 S1krr that's been my track bike for the past few years.

I was in the process of putting this bike back together when I came into possession of a smaller bike and I'd rather race a lighter class next year, so I'm parting this one out. I have lots of new parts purchased that I'm selling at a slight discount, and lots of old parts where I can be very flexible on price.

Major parts:
NEW KTech front suspension - $1200
OEM rear suspension - $150
Engine - $3000
ECU with Brentune Stage 3 - $1000
---suggest buying SAMCO coolant hoses with this - $75
NEW Instrument cluster - $400
Frame w/ clean title- $1500
NEW Rear subframe - $400
Akropovic full exhaust - $1000
Forged wheels, with rotors - $600 apiece (slightly chipped rim on rear, see pic)
Calipers - $200 for the pair
Tons of plastics for both 2012-2014 models and 2015-2017 models - Please contact me for pricing
OEM street plastics, black/gray - $1000 for the set, or please contact for individual components