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I bought an S1000RR back in 2016 from Doncaster BMW. Have found heaps of useful information on this site but never got around to registering. So thought I should stop being a lurker and introduce myself. So thanks everyone who shares information on this site.

I'm loving the bike - I ride it to the city for work, take it out on weekend when I can and do the odd track day. It's really the best all round bike it does everything well. Only time I wish I was on something else is on the way back from a day out going down the freeway. Strangely enough no one who rides a comfortable bike is keen to swap then.

I just got back from the BMW RR Experience at Phillip Island which was an awesome day. 3 sessions on my bike, 1 on an S1000R, then 1 on an S1000XR.

Here's a picture of my bike:

And the fleet of bikes you could ride on the day:

They also had HP4 Race bikes people could ride but I presume it was just for VIPs or something as I asked the dealer and he said I couldn't ride one unless I bought one.

I tried to find @bennymx there but he wasn't working at Phillip Island! Guess you were stuck in the office that day?

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