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It does yes. Everything works except for the ---. As soon as the bike moves, it works fine
This is interesting.

The --- indicates it is reading a NULL value. Typically a VSS sensor is broke. Lets think that maybe you changed a tire recently and upon replacing it back, you have hit the VSS sensor. The VSS picks up the rotation of the ABS ring so it is working enough to display the speed. However, how much distance is it taking now? If all is working correctly you should only have to roll 5 meters for the VSS to pick the rotation and turn off the blinking ABS light, and speed is displayed. If you are rolling much further than that before the ABS light trips off, and the display changes from the --- to whatever speed it starts at, then you are dealing with a bad sensor either front or rear.

Bad thing about intermittent type information from a sensor is that the diagnostic code does not set, and no warning is displayed there is an issue in the self check modes.

Remove the wheels and inspect the sensor ends. Look for bad chipping. It is even possible you when down a gravel road and a small rock was fling up off the tire and just happen to land right on the ABS rotating ring and the rock went between the sensor and ring enough to slightly damage it that way.
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