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What is the best full exhaust system available for this bike?
Welcome, and what a way to start a conversation post.

What is the best full exhaust surely opens the door for personal opinion more than science today.

Full exhaust made by major manufactures today under go so many hours of dyno testing and trial and experiment with various length tubes for best flow vs numbers.

The best usually comes down to your pocket book. How about a $3500 exhaust for your 2020? It sure exist now. Austin Racing made a system out of inconel and if you have not heard of inconel >

I worked at Raytheon and working with Inconel is a major process of machining. The rewards are super light, super strong, very good flow characteristics inside a tube with hot gases. I machined jet engine exhaust parts for Boeing. I have discussed the differences in the titanium they were using compared to the new Inconel parts they wanted .. well 4 years ago when I was there. They most likely trying to use more of the unobtanium space metal no one supposed to know about.

So then we look at popular vote. Akrapovic sure comes in at the top of that list if you watch enough of WSBK and MotoGP. Akra provides good research data to suggest they do their homework and provide what they say in advertising is what you get in performance.

Arrow has the best in looks as my opinion goes for the K46 on the under the swingarm version muffler goes. The K67 is not quite as nice looking however, and I have chosen to stay with my Akra on the K67 for now. Both my K46 have the Arrow.

Then we have Leo, Hindle, M4.. all very good companies as well. Lots of dyno time in developing the tubes as I know this because each of these manufactures has contacted me for the K67 ECU tuning. We have discussed where the performance is at in comparison to the stock exhaust on the K67 today.

Today you better make the numbers you post on the internet advertising. Someone will dyno and expect something reasonably close. All these listed have been known to hit that mark, its just how much do you want to spend.

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