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  1. Exhaust and Fuel Delivery
    Hi any help would be greatly appreciated. I own a 2014 bmw s1000rr with 26,000 kms on it. The problem started happening after I installed a decat exhaust, we didn’t take the headers off so all the o2 sensors weren’t touched. I took the servo motor cables out completely leaving the servo motor...
  2. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    On a 2011 S1000RR I was removing the throttle side grip to change length of handlebars (I’d previously extended them and was moving them back). Problem is when undoing the screw that holds the grip on to the handlebar, the nut fell out. I’m wanting to check there is a nut(!) and know what it...
  3. Fuel Supply
    Hi all I have a 2012 S1000RR that was randomly going into limp mode (engine on, but no throttle). Happened twice on track, which is of course not ideal. Plugged in and saw that the TPS sensors were throwing errors - so took the plunge and bought 2 new sensors from BMW and replaced the throttle...
  4. New Members "Must Start Here"
    Hey, I’m looking for someone that I can rent/use a GS 911. I need to reset the throttle body adaptations for a 2012 s1000rr. if someone is in San Diego, CA or around I’ll head over where you are. I would appreciate the help. thank you
  5. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    My bike's throttle has developed about 10mm of free play. Does anyone know how to remove it? I know how its done on a Yamaha, but I am confused with BMWs...
1-5 of 5 Results