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sharkskinz bodywork
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  1. Riders Discount
    Cover up the hole in your BMW’s OEM bodywork with this belly pan lower from SharkSkinz, makers of some of the finest aftermarket motorcycle bodywork available. The fiberglass lower is made to bolt up to the OEM fairings with no cutting or hassle – simply paint it the color you want and mount it...
  2. Riders Discount
    The SharkSkinz name is legendary when it comes to motorcycle bodywork and that’s not just because they’ve been the chief bodywork supplier to top AMA teams for years, but because the quality is readily apparent from fit to prepping for paint to durability. And factory teams are picky about the...
  3. Riders Discount
    This is the same bodywork we’ve installed on our own S1000RR Racebike. As usual, the finish looks great and all the holes line up perfectly. Sharkskinz bodywork is renowned for its fit and near ready-to-paint finish that comes out of the box. Aside from drilling holes to fit it to your bike...
1-3 of 3 Results