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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just hit 6800+ miles on my 2022 s1000rr M and I have my bike worked on by a independent mechanic. Any ideas as to how to reset the light without bringing it to a bmw dealer?
  2. Maintenance
    Expecting to pick up a new 2022 S1KRR within the next month and due to the quote I was provided for the initial 1,000k service ($450 AUD), I'm considering the 3 year / 30,000k 'Service Inclusive' package ($1628 AUD) from day 1. This is with the intention of it being a more cost effective option...
  3. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    LOOOKING FOR SOME HELP: Code: 21F5F2 fuse activated for system component protection, overload Code: 21FD30 Camshaft sensor input signal, no signal edge detected, input level high The bike will no longer start and the continuity between all 3 wires from the ECM and the sensor seem to be okay...
  4. Exhaust System
    Went in to get HID headlights swapped out for OEMs at BMW service center. They mentioned that the backfiring of my exhaust is not normal....... I thought it was purposely designed that way. Any thoughts of this? According to EVERY YouTube video and blogs, everyone’s does this. 2016 S1000RR...
  5. Maintenance
    I had my bike in for it's first service (Blackfoot Motorcycles in Calgary), and was riding it the next day.. Heard a nasty rattling sound.... Thought it might be the keychain or something else.. Turns out the big steering nut was unthreading and rattling.. Do you know if there's any reason for...
1-5 of 5 Results