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  1. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Parts For Sale
    SOLD - $20 includes shipping within the continental US. New in package; never installed; perfect condition. I bought one; it didn't seem to fit well; they sent a second one and didn't want the first one back. Second one didn't seem to fit well either. I got the first one to work when I used...
  2. Bikes, Parts, Gear, etc. Wanted - WTB
    Looking to buy a 3rd or 4th gen s1000rr. My budget is on the low end (who could've guessed), around $10-11K (maybe 12K) would be ideal. I'm not opposed to high mileage or a storied past (needs a title though). If it runs well and is legal to put on the road, I'm open to chatting. Cheers!
  3. Optional Accessories, Motorcycle
  4. New Members "Must Start Here"
    Hey everyone, My name is Kem, and I signed up for this forum just to ask for some info on the ECU on the s1000rr, if anyone can provide some insight. Post accident data? Is it possible to extract any forensic data after a traffic accident to identify breaking, speed, impact, amount of breaking...
  5. Bikes, Parts, Gear, etc. Wanted - WTB
  6. BMW S1000RR Forum News
    Hey fellas, I am in the buying market for a 2020-2021 S1000, may seem crazy, but I’m curious when the recalls are estimated to end. I can’t find any information online about BMWs expectations here.
  7. Canada
    I just bought a 2011 s1000rr with 12,800 km on it. What are the expected problems that I should be looking out for ? And what can I do to avoid problems with the bike ? What are important services I need to do
  8. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Good day gents, I am posting this thread seeking your precessional thoughts and opinions. I am planning on upgrading my halogen light bulbs with LED bulbs in my ‘17 s1krr. There is so many options out there and I am not sure what to choose from at first. Eventually I decided to go with Philips...
  9. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hello, I have searched on the forms and haven't been able to find anything regarding this problem. I have a 2016 s1000rr and started having the "!DCC" code coming on and off randomly. Today the battery died and I replaced it. Now the light is on indefinitely and the rear shock is hard as a...
  10. Bikes, Parts, Gear, etc. Wanted - WTB
    Calmly, slowly (~25 mph), proceeding home, a quarter mile from home, came around a blind curve and a mini-van was coming right at me on my side of the road. I swerved as far as I could. She's a fifty something mom who cleans houses and just wasn't paying attention. It was really close, so close...
  11. SoCal
    Hello everyone! I am looking to meet S1000RR and S1000R owners in OC. Feel free to message me here or find me on Insta under the same handle S1000Rpost This is me
  12. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Bikes For Sale
  13. S1000RR/HP4 Suspension Setup & Mods
    I am 5'9 about 145-150 lbs and am very interested in having my suspension set up for myself. I do ride fairly aggressive on the streets from time to time. The Factory Suspension setting feel Extremely Stiff and I receive major feedback from the road surface, even in the non race modes...
  14. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Bikes For Sale
    Hi guys, 2016 S1000RR for sale -- $14,000. Bike is located in Portland, OR. Willing to help with shipping or possibly deliver to a West Coast track. Over $40,000 invested, all major work done by San Jose BMW professionals. $2,200 Full Service & Inspection (April 2020) - so it's perfect...
  15. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Brought my bike in for the 600 mile service. I was under the impression it would take a couple hours but the service was completed within an hour which I found odd. A couple red flags were thrown off as well. I took a look at the oil filter and the small filter was still on it. I asked the tech...
  16. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    First time poster here I recently bought a 2015 RR in all black, which is my first superbike. Needless to say, I love it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the first mods that you would add to a close-to stock bike? I've been told frame sliders and engine cover. Any...
  17. New Members "Must Start Here"
    Hello, my names is Alexander and I just bought a 2020 S1000RR in hockenheim silver. I live in a small city in Mexico called Queretaro. According to the seller on the dealer this was the first silver sold there. The silver looks better in person, more spark/metallic and less white-ish. I...
  18. S1000RR/HP4 Appearance
    I'm looking to remove the rearsert footpegs and have seen the blanking plates to cover the empty holes. The problem I see is that the blanking plates are black and I have the M Series S 1000RR and the frame isn't black. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can either get a matching color to...
  19. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hi guys! This has always tickled my brain and would be good to hear from owners there thoughts. I understand with the gen3 the s1000rr changed a lot but is it more powerful and refined? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  20. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hi guys! I have the new 2020 model used mostly for daily road to the office and some touring trips. I wander what tank bag are you using/recommending considering that the gas cap has hidden screws and also some bags may become a hight problem considering bike is a sport one. Also for lateral...