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  1. Exhaust and Fuel Delivery
    As the title states I got this can for a steal ($200), so I was trying to find some compatibility options as far as exhausts were concerned. Maybe the stock M-1000rr akrapovich with this can would be solid due to it being 6.4 lbs lighter and being high flow (if I can find a used one)? I'm open...
  2. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hey everyone, The previous owner low sided and it led the scratch on the exhaust. There is no other damage. I am thinking to paint just the slip on part of exhaust with high temp paint. Any suggestions?
  3. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hello so this may sound a bit repetitive but I I have a 2014 S1000RR with akropovic slip on, I have a midpipe and I am looking to tune flash the ECU but I'm looking for the best option to get some more power ! Brentune is a lil pricey atm whats some other good options? Please & Thank you 🙌🏾
  4. Exhaust and Fuel Delivery
    Anybody selling any used or lightly used aftermarket exhaust for the 2020 Sk1?????
  5. Riders Discount
    The “Shorty” exhausts from Akrapovic maintain the same look of the OEM system yet relieves your bike of the weight of a catalytic convertor and its associated plumbing. Constructed entirely of titanium, from the headers back.. These are not yet available on our website, just call TJ at...
  6. Riders Discount
    Available from RIDERS DISCOUNT: Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Helmets & Gear –Akrapovic Full Exhaust Systems for your BMW S1000RR. These exhausts are available in your choice of header construction: Racing Line Full systems feature stainless steel headers Evolution Line Full systems...
1-6 of 7 Results