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  1. Exhaust and Fuel Delivery
    Hey guys not sure if this is the right area to post. I have a 22 model s1000rr with 35 miles on it. I've lowered it 1" and installed the tst tail lights that's it. All of a sudden after doing the tst taillights I have a fault in engine control unit on. It comes on everytime bike is...
  2. Exhaust and Fuel Delivery
    What are the best exhaust options? On my past 2 zx10r's I ran tthe gp3 Austin Racing so I am a fan of them. Any other options? Are any Austin Racing sales Reps a member if this forum?
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am just saying hello from Oklahoma. I am new to the forum. Just got my first BMW S1000rr and loving it so far. I've had several Kawasaki zx10r's in the past.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello guys! I am new to the site and also new to owning a BMW. I just picked up a 2022 BMW S1000RR M edition. First time ever owing a BMW and it’s been a little while since I’ve had a motorcycle. I am new to the site I am sure this question prob has been answered but I am having difficulties...
  5. New Member Introductions
    My name is Brenden, live in CA. I have a 2021 bmw s1000rr m package. Blew the motor at 5k miles. Stay tuned for The journey !
  6. General Motorcycle Discussions
    It took a couple hours per day over several days, but finally finished the Lego M1000RR. It's really a nice kit and display piece. I used to be something of a Lego nerd as a kid, but haven't done much since then...until now. The wife actually waited online on New Year's Eve to pre-buy when it...
  7. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    My bmw s1000rr 2014 Having an issue with the bike and looking for some help/advice or anyone ever experienced a similar issue... When I open the throttle up 100% the bike cuts off and the check engine light comes on.
  8. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Bikes For Sale
    2017 BMW S1000RR in perfect condition, very good maintained, oil changed every 1k miles with Motul V300 5W40 oil. 7200 miles. 17000$. Aftermarket parts installed:Akrapovic full exhaust LIghtweight battery Driven axle spacers 4Racing WSBK chain adjusters Vortex 520 sprocket conversion kit...
  9. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Bikes For Sale
    2018 BMW S1000R - Premium Package $13,000 obo *Bike has been lowered properly for 5'6" female rider -- lowering shock link installed + lowered seat (perfect for shorter riders, but also still comfortable for my 6'3" friend!) = Premium Package = HP FORGED WHEELS Akrapovic Exhaust Cruise...
  10. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    Hey fellas, I am in the buying market for a 2020-2021 S1000, may seem crazy, but I’m curious when the recalls are estimated to end. I can’t find any information online about BMWs expectations here.
  11. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Parts For Sale
    Can and link pipe, can is in mint shape and appears unused. Link pipe is used in excellent shape, save for cosmetic damage on the heel guard. $900 shipped Pic link.
  12. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Bikes For Sale
    Hi guys, 2016 S1000RR for sale -- $14,000. Bike is located in Portland, OR. Willing to help with shipping or possibly deliver to a West Coast track. Over $40,000 invested, all major work done by San Jose BMW professionals. $2,200 Full Service & Inspection (April 2020) - so it's perfect...
  13. General Motorcycle Discussions
    Hi Guys! New to the group and looking to buy a BMW 1000RR. Living in A country where there weather is usually 30 degress or over. Anything to watch out for maintenance? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Videos
    1st time riding a RR in Montmeló. Oregon ATCK3 over a piece of cork and some adhesive tapes. YouTube - S1000RR - Tandas Montmeló 25 julio 2010
  15. BMW S1000RR/R/XR/HP4 Pictures
    Here are a few shots I got while at Road America on June 3-6th That is Eric Pinson's BMW. He and his Awesome team (Kirsten and Jamie) are super nice folks! Had a great time spending some time with them! Eric even cleaned my bike :cool:
  16. BMW S1000RR General Discussion
    I found this picture on blogspot, it says its a studymodel for the 600 supersport class, only problem, i dont see any front fearings or backbridge, looks like a cardan machine... Anybody got some info about 600 cc bmw s???
1-16 of 17 Results