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    Hey fellas, I am in the buying market for a 2020-2021 S1000, may seem crazy, but I’m curious when the recalls are estimated to end. I can’t find any information online about BMWs expectations here.
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    Can and link pipe, can is in mint shape and appears unused. Link pipe is used in excellent shape, save for cosmetic damage on the heel guard. $900 shipped Pic link.
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    Hi guys, 2016 S1000RR for sale -- $14,000. Bike is located in Portland, OR. Willing to help with shipping or possibly deliver to a West Coast track. Over $40,000 invested, all major work done by San Jose BMW professionals. $2,200 Full Service & Inspection (April 2020) - so it's perfect...
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    Hi Guys! New to the group and looking to buy a BMW 1000RR. Living in A country where there weather is usually 30 degress or over. Anything to watch out for maintenance? Any help would be appreciated!
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    1st time riding a RR in Montmeló. Oregon ATCK3 over a piece of cork and some adhesive tapes. YouTube - S1000RR - Tandas Montmeló 25 julio 2010
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    Here are a few shots I got while at Road America on June 3-6th That is Eric Pinson's BMW. He and his Awesome team (Kirsten and Jamie) are super nice folks! Had a great time spending some time with them! Eric even cleaned my bike :cool:
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    I found this picture on blogspot, it says its a studymodel for the 600 supersport class, only problem, i dont see any front fearings or backbridge, looks like a cardan machine... Anybody got some info about 600 cc bmw s???