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back protector

  1. Alpinestars SMK Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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    For the serious rider, Alpinestars gives you the SMK jacket for the ultimate in road-going protection without the need for massive logos or obnoxiously loud colors. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with those things, but not everyone wants to stick out quite like that on the road...
  2. Icon Field Gear Protective Armor

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    Designed with the streets in mind, Field Gear from Icon gives you a lot of coverage without the bulk and hot-day discomfort that comes from a full-leather suit. Comprised of three different kits, the Vest, Elbow & Leg; Icon Field Gear works fully concealed under your every day clothing or can be...
  3. Alpinestars Helius Motorcycle Jacket

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    This jacket is all about style, sans the usual loud Alpinestars branding all over the place for a low-key approach. Actually, it looks more like an expensive designer jacket than a highly protective riding coat, but for those of you that don’t want to scream “I RIDE A BIKE” at the grocery store...
  4. Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield Back Protector

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    The Bionic Race Shield from Alpinestars combines a low-profile fit and a high degree of protection with CE-level 2 certification. This particular back protector not only covers your hind side, but also comes with a Tech Chest Guard, integrated kidney belt and extra padding around the ribs...
  5. Alpinestars Track Protection Vest

    Riders Discount
    The Track Protection Vest gives the rider excellent upper body protection with a CE-level 2 certified back protector, energy absorbing Bio-foam on the upper chest and PE padding on the oblique abdominals, clavicles, shoulders and sides all wrapped into a simple design. The vest augments a...