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  1. BMW S1000R General Discussion
    I came across a good deal on T32 rubber by bridgestone. Bridgestone Motorcycle Fall 2021 Promotion BRIDGESTONE TIRES Got the set for $276 Confirmed with bridgestone so eligible for $50 visa gift card via mail in rebate. $226 for a front and rear set is not too bad if you ask me. Not the...
  2. S1000RR/HP4 Wheels and Tires
    Hey lads, I have a 2017 that is only used as a track bike, currently got the Dunlop q3s on it and they are coming to the end of their life and looking at replacing them. question is the Q4s have two options at 190 190/50 190/55 What characteristics do the two side walls provide? cheers
1-2 of 4 Results