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  1. smiley
    04-10-2016 06:35 PM - permalink

    I noticed you posted the upgrades you've done to your bike. I've got some Brembo m4 monoblocks, Went to fit them and realised the standard 2015 brake lines don't fit. i noticed you mentioned you tweaked yours slightly. could I ask what you did to get them to fit? currently I've taken out the line from the ABS pump to the calipers. (if only the standard abs line to the callipers had a join where the 2 caliper line pipes join the one from the ABS pump under the headstock!)

    I had though buying a HP4 line set may do it but i think the line from the abs pump may take a different route.

    Any comments you could give to help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Miles
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