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  1. japplex
    03-31-2018 09:27 PM - permalink
    Thanks for your reply to my starting issue.

    I am located in Australia - does that present an issue?
    I would really like to get this fixed.
    The bike is back to the dealer next week for a service and I hope they can check further.
    What is interesting is that it started just before the last service in Jan last year and when I showed them it would not do it. But when the bike was on the bench it did it for them. The dealer then replaced the solenoid and it has been rare since, but still happening. Now it is back doing it every time I turn the key.
    What is your experience with getting an ECU replaced when the bike is 7 years old?

    I have added a video to youtube of what is happening:
    Also posted this to the thread.

    I can do another video of it starting with the side stand down and in gear and clutch out if that may help further. (it will be on a rear stand).
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