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Originally Posted by Bimmer52rr View Post
hello guys

i need help here i bought a 2011 BMW s1000rr with 3300 miles on it i had a chance to take it to track one full day and have fun with on race and sport mode with no issues at all

no bike has a slipon akrapovic exhaust with danmoto v pipe and OEM heathers custom done to fit the bike as i have seen on my BMW with the same set up

2 days ago i did a track day my first lap of the day VDS error came on on turn 5 and killed my bike i saved it some how some way

as i exited it the track i turn the bike ON it started with no issues then i decided to ride again but in mined i was already going to call it end of session as i am riding turn 12 bike died again with the same error VDS icon showing on my dash

does anyone know whats going on whats happening

this is my first BMW ever i am a ducati guy and i never had issues after 1 years on DUC's bikes

need help here

thank you
My '11 did the same thing except I was on the street. I ended up just unplugging it. It will run just fine, but shows VDS error. I haven't had the chance to get it to the dealer, but I believe the sensor is the problem.
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