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Originally Posted by skapan View Post
Get the dealer to go over it carefully and look for hidden damage. Don't let the adjuster push you into settlement too quick.
Second that.
If you are planning on having it fixed, don’t take a settlement check. Just take it to the dealer and let them repair it. They will file supplements with the insurance company if anything else needs repaired when they start digging in and doing the work. That way it is all paid for and they can pay the dealer directly for work needed/performed.

Also, out of curiosity what happened that would put them 100% at fault? Were they cited by the officer?

Asking because of an accident (car) I had a few years back. Without going into details, the other driver was clearly at fault and was cited by the officer.
However, their insurance claimed I should/could have avoided their mistake and so I was 50% at fault and wanted me to settle for 50% of their initial estimate.
I filed with my insurance and paid the deductible so my insurance could fight with theirs over fault. Theirs still wouldn’t budge. It went to binding 3rd part arbitration which decided they were 100% at fault.
Nail in the coffin was when they paid the citation, which is pleading guilty to the charge.

In the end I got my deductible back and their insurance had to reimburse my insurance for 100% of the repair costs.
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