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Originally Posted by wfo439 View Post
Ummm... what does mileage have to with anything? It could all be slabbing. If @bennymx had his bike, I'd know 85-95% of the mileage was at 8.5-9/10ths on his favorite roads. If he was riding 10/10ths in the mountains he'd have far more crashes. His last was with a roo on his way home. [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/S1000RRForum_2015/smilies/tango_face_smile_big.png[/IMG]

I picked up my bike 6/22 and still have less than 1K miles. I'll post about mods and future mods Tuesday or Wednesday next week. [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]

Still think you should change your avatar till you have a track day or 2 under your belt. Then the pic could be you. [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/S1000RRForum_2015/smilies/tango_face_wink.png[/IMG]
Just curious to know how much other people ride their bikes. I saw a dude selling his 2014 or 15 S1K with only 800 miles. Crazy to think someone would ride their baby that little in 5 years! Made me wonder how much people have been riding their 19/20s. Also, I know this says nothing about their riding style

edit: it was a 2012!! Holy sh*t, even worse

And lol ruthless haha! That is me you weenie. On my old R6. I might not have taken a bike to the track yet, but I’m not a total squid.

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