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Originally Posted by techno_violet View Post
2019/2020 K67 Owners!!

For those that have received your bike (sorry to all who haven't ) post your current mileage, the date you picked up your bike, current mods on the bike, and maybe a picture if you're feeling wild! Edit: feel free to include mods you're planning on doing in the immediate/near future (in a separate list from the current mods list) if you're dying to share.

Mileage: 2,592

Pick-up Date: 7/18/19 (42 days ago)

(current) Mods:

Akrapovic Evolution Full System
Bren Tuning Stage M+ (Stage 1 will arrive on 9/3 for me)
Sprint P08 F1-85
TWM Shorty Levers (not pictured)
EvoTech Tail-Tidy
EvoTech Frame Sliders
GB Racing Cover Set
BMW Tall Windscreen
BMW TFT Film Protector
BMW Oil and Radiator Guards
BMW Front and Rear Axel Sliders
Rizoma Swingarm Spools
Ummm... what does mileage have to with anything? It could all be slabbing. If @bennymx had his bike, I'd know 85-95% of the mileage was at 8.5-9/10ths on his favorite roads. If he was riding 10/10ths in the mountains he'd have far more crashes. His last was with a roo on his way home.

I picked up my bike 6/22 and still have less than 1K miles. I'll post about mods and future mods Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Still think you should change your avatar till you have a track day or 2 under your belt. Then the pic could be you.

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