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The actuaries look at claim rates for a category and adjust some based upon the brand/model's experience. They don't need to look at specific YouTube videos.

Riders get a superbike like the S1000RR for one reason: to go fast. They certainly don't buy it because it's comfortable, has good fuel range, is cheap, or is practical in other respects. It's fast. Period. To see one going fast in a YouTube conveys no new information to anyone, let alone an insurance actuary. If you never ride speeds approaching those of Motonosity (or countless other superbike Motovloggers) except on a track, you are a very rare breed. If you do, but just don't document it in video, you are not keeping an important secret. Trust me.

I keep it to within 70% on the street, except when I make a mistake and that's why I need the 30% buffer. I save my 90% for the track.

I self insure - get liability only. I have two bikes: a 2016 BMW K1300S and a 2020 S1000RR. The combined annual premium for the two is $159 - basically nothing.

Some of my favorite performance-oriented motovloggers are Life at Lean, Canyon Chasers and 44Teeth. I often learn something from these guys, or at least become amused.
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