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Originally Posted by 19s1k View Post
A big THANK YOU to BMW and CSS for everything.
I've bought many liter bikes over the year, but was never was offered a demo on a track by a manufacturer.
That hospitality is most appreciated, and the experience makes me feel obligated to spend money with BMW and CSS in the future.

First, hope the rider who went down in the wet turn is OK, with only their bruised ego.
I watched it happen right in front of me, and I'm sure it was rider error grabbing too much brake.
But, it begs the question: Aren't all these expensive electronic aids supposed to prevent this exact situation?

Before you flame me, I owned multiple liter bikes before electronics even debuted.
But, if these electronics don't prevent these kind of things, it makes me wonder why I'm spending 2 and 3 times what I used to for a new liter bike?

Thanks again to the BMW, CSS, and NJMP staff for everything. Much appreciated.

For what it's worth, I urged the top BMW executive at the event for BMW to offer a "track only" program to be done by the Dealers that will provide the Euro model's performance while maintain the factory warranty. I humbly and respectfully told her that I will not buy the new bike until one is available.
Along with an all black color option.
I think the issue was not the rider out riding his bike...but out riding his skill level...aids only assist, you still need to ride the bike ya know?

Plus i heard that this rider was hanging back away from the group lead and gunned it into the turn making it break loose.

Now for the instructor that went down earlier in the idea what happened there. He just laid it down and the next thing i know i saw the bike upside down mid air.


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