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Originally Posted by Starpower View Post
That BMW is rated to tow 2400 pounds? Damn that is impressive. I've yet to see a sedan that can tow over 1500. I tow with a light trailer/bike with my '18 Accord Sport but it is not rated to tow at all. My '06 Accord was rated for 1000 pounds. My 5'x7' open trailer and bike combined are 700 pounds.

And you did this at 80mph, I'm impressed both by the feat and ticket avoidance!
I'm not sure what the bmw is rated for, but the 435 has a ton of power and torque. I'm sure that motor in one of bmw suv's would be rated double that. A lot of the European manufacturers rate their regular cars for towing over there but not in the US, or for considerably less.

I recently picked up a 19' accord sport, do you have any pics of the set up? I opted for the manual and the 2.0 motor so its got more than enough power thinking i'd be putting a hitch on. But noticed some of the hitches require some trimming of the frame? That can't be good..

I saw they make 1 1/4" receivers which are fine for small trailers, hell i towed probably 1200 miles with my wrx and that size receiver with zero issues. Its all balancing the trailer load and driving properly, and common sense.

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