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Originally Posted by RM4Two View Post
Thx Twitch. However, the problem is, I dunno what I'm checking for LOL? Continuity, Resistance, Volts???? Right now I have continuity between the middle contact and one of the outer contacts (there are 3 total). I also measured 3.16kΩ across the same two contact points. Dunno if that's good or bad lol? They're cheap enough so I might just replace it regardless
If you have it as a loose part, keep it upright, measure Resistance.
Tilt it 45 deg (left and right), measure Resistance.
Tilt it 90 deg (left and right), measure Resistance.

Or if you have it in the bike, measure Volts.
One pin is ground/0V, one pin is 5 Volts, one pin is signal (Volts) which changes when you tilt the bike 0 45 90 deg...

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