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Originally Posted by ErockBoulder View Post
I see a lot of hate for CA Gov and want to remind everyone that this is a federal law, itís not legal anywhere technically.

As for revzilla, I would at least expect something stating itís not for street use. I like options but I also like being informed and if one doesnít find out the hard way or google ďis this legalĒ one would never know.

Just venting since I wasted $150.
It's wasted only if you get a ticket....

I rode for all my years in CA (from '84 to '91) with STUPID loud full race exhaust because there were no db restrictions then on race pipes (ah, the GOOD old days!), and was never once hassled, let alone written a ticket for it.

There's TONS of people out there with stupid bright LED replacement kits for their cars/trucks, and they never get tickets. Don't worry about it.

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