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yeah this happens to me often.. sometimes in a 30mph zone, others at freeway speeds. if I have room to zip away through traffic, I usually do. on slow twisty roads, agree it isnít worth the risk of pushing limits of visibility, but if I have room to see then itís pretty easy to scoot away. I even had someone crowding up behind me in 5-10 mph stop and go traffic. easily 1/2 mile of cars ahead of us, nowhere to go. I pulled over to shoulder, they zoomed straight up to the next car, then I tucked back in. I wonder if theyíre mad/frustrated, or even paying attention to whatís going on, or just distracted with a phone call (or messing with the phone/apps/texting/etc). none of those sound good for a car following a motorcycle so I always look for a way out.
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