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Ride it like I stole it 625 miles ! If the thing is as good as my 2015 has lasted 25000 very hard miles, then the love continues with BMW Motorrad. My 2018 only as 4500 miles on it so far. It is awesome !

Just to outline my process and why if any of you are interested in the same method of break in.

Brand new ! Sniff it a little. Love the smell of new.
Get home and start the engine a little so some more new smell is there...
Ride it out to Hwy 121. This is the mountain simulation on Isle of the Man. I can do 129MPH on it for the whole 10 miles of sweeper curves. I will limit to 100 in first 50 miles.
Return home and I should have 50 miles on it. Change the oil. Its called break in oil for a reason. I keep a sample to send to Chicago BlackStone labs.
Go back to Hwy 121. Now I am ready for 129 in some short runs.
Change the oil one more time at 250 miles. Keep a sample again for BlackStone Labs.
Continue running in at various speeds and RPM's to the 625 miles.
Now BMW gets to service it and change the oil again, remove limiter.... Go have more fun on FM697. 14 miles 41 curves.

Look forward to posting on this in 3 weeks.

As to mods.. Radiator guards are 100% first. Then abuse the brakes so I can complain about them. Well, I have the GP4's to remove from my 18 and my MotoGP master cylinder. I just got to see how those Hayes really feel in my world of riding.
Then I hope my buddy gets the Red bike and he still wants to trade my Motorrad Colors for his Red plastic. If not.. oh well. There is a wrap for that.

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All done here in the USA now and you dont have to ship to Poland
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