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Originally Posted by speedfinn View Post
Usually front linear potentiometer total stroke is 150 mm and input voltage is 5000 mV -> output signal is 5000 mV/150 mm = 33.33 mV/ mm.
If we assume that the actual front suspension stroke, 120 mm, is in the middle of the linear potentiometer stroke, then the actual suspension stroke is from (150-120)/2 = 15 mm to 120+15 = 135 mm.
15 mm * 33.33 mV/ mm = 500 mV
135 mm * 33.33 mV/ mm = 4500 mV
So usually front sensor readings should usually be between 500 and 4500 mV.
And for example 2500 mV/ 33.33 mV/mm = 75 mm in potentiometer stroke -> and 75 mm - 15 mm = 60 mm in suspension stroke.
I was thinking of doing the conversion like that and logging that and the other data from a ride via the GS911. Then graphing it to see if I can learn anything about what DDC is doing.
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