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2D sensor question

I have the 2D sensor and a GS911. I was playing around with the 911 and looking at the real time values function in the semi active suspension functions. I was wondering what values it shows and if I could learn anything interesting by using it to log those values.

But anyway. I noticed that there's a voltage figure connected to the front 2D sensor which changes as the sensor moves. Makes sense. Theres also front and rear ride height. They're both at zero with the bike stood up with no weight on it. When I get on the rear ride height reads about 14mm but the front value stays at 0. Nothing will change the front ride height. I had just adjusted sag so I did recalibrate afterward. The voltage output for the front does change which means to me that the sensor is working. I just thought it odd that there is a field shown for front ride height and it doesn't change.

Is there some other switch that needs to be thrown, figuratively speaking, to get the bike to fully recognize the front sensor. I did get the individual compression and rebound adjustment in the front. Can anyone say if something doesn't sound right.

If its of interest heres what the GS911 reads for the suspension

Suspension adjust Swith (active or not)
Some other switches - same (active or not)
Front EDC Valve Current - mA
Rear EDC Valve Current - mA
Front EDC PWM - %
Rear EDC PWM - %
Front Height Sensor Adaptation - mm
Rear Height Sensor Adaptation - mm
Front Sensor non-linearized value - mV
Rear Sensor non-linearized value - mV
Front Ride Height - mm
Rear Ride Height - mm

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