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Originally Posted by Mariano View Post
Hi guys, I have a question about registration.

Is it legal (in Florida) to buy a bike (used and from a private seller), not to do registration, use it for a while, and the re sell it?

Iím not thinking in making a profit, but in trying a bike.
If itís legal, for how long can I keep the bike before re selling it?
What plates should I use?
Would I have to contact the original seller at the time of re selling?

Thanks for any advice.

For road bikes - Legally here in Florida you have 30 days to register a vehicle from the date of purchase (for used vehicles). After that they can slap you with a fine. All you need to do is carry the bill of sale or the title (bill of sale is probably a better option). The Bill of sale needs to have the date you purchased it clearly and not be past 30 days.

I am not sure how much the ticket is but ive heard they can be hefty.


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